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Key Differentiators of Eyewear Malaysia

Eyewear Malaysia is a leading provider of sunglasses, eye protection and other fashion accessories for women. With a population of nearly Malaysia six hundred and forty-two, the country boasts one of the largest populations of optical stores in the world. This is because women from different regions of the world are finding Malaysia very attractive because of its sunny and sandy beaches, as well as many activities that they can participate in. Dita Eyewear Malaysia has an assortment of eyewear ranging from casual to formal sunglasses.

eyewear Malaysia

Dita Eyewear Malaysia is a local brand that started out in 1998. The name was inspired by a young woman who wanted something to replace her glasses. Although there are many local brands of eyewear in Malaysia, as in most countries, most people prefer Dita Eyewear because of its affordable prices and quality service. Some notable eyewear brands in Malaysia include Dita, Concord, Megalight, SeneGence, Juicy Couture, Ray Ban and Oakley.

A typical eyewear store in Malaysia sells a wide variety of eyewear ranging from simple reading glasses to fashionable contact lenses. Malaysia is a small country that does not have a large number of branded stores. The majority of eyewear shops are directly owned by the owners and operators. There are also independent operators who have opted to open their own outlets because they want to control the pricing and image of their merchandise. Below are some of the key differentiators of eyewear Malaysia:

Low cost – In Malaysia, you get the highest quality lenses at the lowest price. Unlike in other countries, here you also get the benefit of free shipping when you order your contact lenses online. To top it all, there are no income or customs taxes on imported lenses in Malaysia. This makes Malaysia the cheapest place on earth to buy contact lenses. Moreover, with affordable prices on popular brands like Acuvue, Bolle, Oakley, Vogue and Persolvable, you can buy a bunch of them to save money. The same goes for buying a case of glasses frame.

Free eye examination – Malaysia offers free eye examination when you buy eyewear online. All you need to do is fill out an online application form that will give you a prescription. This is one advantage of an optometrist over an eyewear store in a country like Australia. In Australia, you will be forced to go to an optical shop if you want to get your eyes examined. However, in Malaysia, you will just visit any of the hundreds of online optical stores to get your eyes tested.

Free pair of glasses – If you do not want to make any financial investment, you can get a free pair of glasses. A number of eyewear stores in Malaysia offer this service, and the advantage is that you get a brand new pair of glasses along with the prescription. Some even offer free lens cleaning and refilling, which are an added advantage.

Optical retailers in Malaysia are still evolving with the times. As they introduce new products and contemporary methods of sales, the whole value chain analysis has also changed. For instance, most eyewear retailers in Malaysia now use online order systems to increase their customer base. This is another reason why they offer discounts on spectacles and contact lenses.

If you want to buy online without any hassle, take advantage of Malaysia’s high quality service and top-notch products. These are some of the key differentiators that make eyewear in Malaysia a better option than any other country. To find out more about eyewear at Malaysia discounted price, visit our Spectacles Shopping Guide. For help on making the right choice, browse our comprehensive online guide today.