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Customized Cake Decorating Ideas

Customized cakes are the bane of many a bride’s life. On her wedding day, she has envisioned her perfect cake and dreamed about it for weeks. The icing on the cake is icing on the cake – as soon as it comes out of the oven, reality sinks in that this is no ordinary cake. The icing on the cake has already been frosted – and the only thing left to do is let it cool off and prepare for the fun to come. A custom cakes maker must conjure up an original design and then work with the baker to produce the perfect customized cake.

Many specialty bakeries will sell their cakes through the Internet. Some companies will send us our cakes in a nice box. The box may include the customized cake topper and some instructions on how to decorate the cake. It is up to you how you want to receive your cake. If you have ordered it online, we can ship it to you – however, if you have ordered it through a traditional bakery, we will show you how to arrange for delivery.

How do you shop for a custom-made cake? First, think about who is offering the cake. You may be able to get the name of the baker with whom you have a business relationship through the website. This is very helpful when you need to place a special order for an unusual cake or for a cake with unusual decorations.

When you are looking for a custom-made birthday cake, look for the names of birthday party companies. Birthday party companies often offer cakes that are customized according to the tastes of the children celebrating the birthday. They can offer children’s specific designs like princess cakes, sports cakes, or Happy Birthday cakes. Many of these companies also sell personalized birthday party programs. These programs usually have themes like the birthday child’s favorite sport or hobby.

You should also consider the cost of the customized cake. Some birthday companies charge extra fees for putting your name or your child’s name on the cake. Some other companies charge lower rates. If you have a budget in mind, talk to the birthday party company to find out their price range. Also check their policy for late delivery and to see if they deliver to your home.

Most custom cakes are not edible. Some companies send you the customized cake as a freezer gift. This can be a better option if the party company’s local bakery is closed on the specified date. However, it will take time for the cake to be prepared. If you do opt for this option, be sure to send it in plenty of time before the birthday party.

The Internet has made it easy to shop for customized cakes. There are many online companies that sell custom cakes. You can find a wider range of choices this way than going from one shop to another. However, you need to be careful when choosing an online cake making supplier because some of them can be hoaxers.

Remember to choose a good cake decorating company that specializes in customized cakes. A good cake company can turn your simple, square-shaped, 3-tier birthday cake into a creative art piece using your own images or photos. Check their experience and portfolio to ensure they are experts in the industry. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. To make the most of your special birthday cake, plan well and find a professional cake decorator who can create the customized cakes that you want and that your guests will enjoy.