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payroll software Malaysia

If you are a company owner, you may already have considered payroll software for your company. As more companies realise the potential to streamline their accounting processes, the software industry is growing quickly in response. What if payroll software was free, easy and effective? Well, there is now available in Malaysia a payroll software solution called Work Flow 1.0. With it, small or large businesses can enjoy all of the benefits of a complete payroll system without the hassles and high cost associated with using paper-based systems.

“HR2Eazy was set up by a small team of highly skilled data analysts that knows the pain and frustration involved in administering an organisation, Payroll, and various HR functions without considerable experience. HR2Eazy has been developed by a group of fully trained and experienced business owners and designers that understand that your business needs to run efficiently, effectively and without difficulty at any stage of its operation. HR2Eazy was developed by a small team of fully trained and experienced business owners and designers that understand that your business needs to run efficiently, effectively and without difficulty at any stage of its operation. ” There is no need to go paperless any more.

The advantages of outsourcing payroll processing are numerous. In the past few years, the role of an administrator or a payroll administrator has greatly diminished in almost all organisations across the globe. In many cases, these administrators are paid an insignificant salary and work behind a desk. On the other hand, the internet boom, the advent of social media, increased online competition and improvements in technology have brought about major changes in payroll management and administration.

It has been found that in countries such as Malaysia, the role of a payroll administrator is not required at all. This is because there is no requirement for this in Malaysia. No matter where in the world you are, there are no legal restrictions on paying your employees at the end of the month. With no administrative cost, there is no overhead cost involved. You do not have to buy punching machines and paper based systems. This means that you can cut your payroll softwareMalaysia budget by eighty percent.

Another advantage of using payroll software Malaysia is that it helps you stay in compliance with the requirements of the ERDA. Under the Employment and Public Employment Reform Act of 1997, all companies are required to keep track of their employees details and remuneration. Without proper records of your employees, it becomes difficult to verify the salary of your employees and retain them on a long term basis. As per the law, it is mandatory to keep track of the employee’s details in order to ensure that the salary payments and benefits are properly provided to them.

There are many payroll software Malaysia that also help you keep track of your employees attendance and leave details. If you use an award chart system, you will be able to calculate the amount of leave that your employee is entitled to. In addition, with award charting, it becomes easier to calculate the annual leave awarded to your employees. You can easily follow up on their annual leaves and provide them with their next pay check in line with the amount of leave that they are eligible to receive.

The latest payroll software Malaysia introduced the concept of employee self-service. Under this concept, your employee self-service portals to access the vital HR systems and benefit from them. In order to complete these processes, you need to install award charting application on your company website. Then the employees can login to these portals and perform functions such as: receiving and sending leave requests, viewing their annual leave information, receiving and sending their payslips etc.

By using award charting system, award gets attributed to the employee instead of to the company. This feature has made the payroll process simple and easy. In addition, to facilitate the self-service feature of the award payslip, the payroll software Malaysia provides an online payroll accounting system. With this, your company does not need to hire any additional staff for managing the payrolls of the employees.